I haven’t really had the time to write until today which I decided to give myself, to have a break and catch up on everything (don’t tell my boss! 😅).

Hi!! Officially working and adult, I miss having baon, i miss school (aaah the events! 😭). I miss not having to think about anything but homework and projects. I miss being a student, but the best thing about working? Giving back to my loves.

So I’ve been employed for 2 months and 2 weeks now and I’ve come to discover new things about myself: that I don’t easily give up and I got more emphatic. Just so you understand more, I work at the airport’s baggage services, so everyone that I get to converse is either a very irate passenger or a very worried one. Just imagine losing your luggage at a foreign country or going on a much needed vacation just to be stressed of your bag (that’s just some of the many scenarios). Yes, I am thrown endless rants each day. What I hate most about this is feeling helpless, i feel for the passenger but as much as I want to help them, it’s not entirely up to my hands. I had a hard time adjusting to the company because first: I do not have my friends with me, 2nd: it is so far from home. Eventually, of course, I made new friends and they’re currently the ones making the work bearable.

But I am not settling. I still have my eye on the goal: to be a flight attendant. I went to AirAsia recruitment yesterday. I stood and waited in line for 5 freaking hours, rain and shine, with my 3 inches shoes only to hear “you look so small” from the panel. My feet hurt so freaking much I can’t even walk back to the car. Not the best experience but still, it made me stronger.

No ragrets, not even a single letter, because I know I am continuously trying. And there is no harm to that.



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