Today I went to try out in Qatar Airways, first of the two day recruitment in New World Manila Bay Hotel. 

But before I jump in on my LONG experience, I just want to share that I cried the night before, full on, so you can just imagine how swollen my eyes were. I look like an ipis, srsly lol. 

Set my alarm at 3:30 am but stood up at 4am, left the house at 6:30am, en route manila. By 8am I started reviewing my answers, Qatar’s information & history and so on. We arrived at the hotel 8:50am (I’m telling the exact details because trust me, this narration will end real quick). White shirt and black coated girls crowded the entrance and the lobby of the hotel.

The QR recruitment is on 6th floor, the elevator doors opened and a sea of black and white greeted me. Not so many applicants in line, half of them already inside the banquet, but still, there was a number of people.

And then I was in front of the registration line, my turn to pass my requirements. I asked the lady in charge if I’m allowed to join because of my age (minimum is 21 y/o), then she said yes, since it’s just gonna be a few weeks before my birthday. (wow, they’re considerate 😍) I am very relieved, I thought I was gonna need to fight for it, I prepared my speech! 😂 

So the next process was the reach test, you have to reach this tape they put on the wall, 212cm if I’m not mistaken, with each arm, left and then right, on tiptoe. 

The end.

Lol, told you, it’s gonna end real soon.

I failed the reach test.
It all happened so quickly.

I reached the tape on my right arm, or so I thought. I don’t even know if my feet were all out tiptoed when it was my left’s turn, i don’t think my toes are that stretched already, but the staff cut my attempt, saying that I failed. And basically meant it’s time to go home.

Maybe if I didn’t chat with ms. slang girl in front of me, I wouldn’t be confused. “Bawal yung ballerina tiptoe…”(??) was the only thing I understood from what she said. We took the test together and she got in. I’m genuinely happy for her. I was also halfhearted to face the interview anyway, by the reason of my swollen eyes. 

Everyone were pretty friendly, and there was an easy smile and chat with each other. Not bad for my first FA recruitment experience. 

Congratulations to everyone who made it!! 💪🏼😍 




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