I fell in love with this book from the moment I laid eyes on its cover, you know, like it was calling me. I knew right away I needed to have it.

Jenna just got promoted to being an “interesting author” to being one of my favorite ones.

This book kind of reminded me of Anna and the French Kiss, but with more mysteries and a bit less of swooning.

I won’t say this if it isn’t true: it is a hundred percent page turner.

For it to be easy for us both, I’ll just elaborate my pros and cons (i don’t think I have doe)


  • This book has seriously a pure heart. Its characters are easily lovable. Well except from Matteo. I loved Howard so much I want to hug him straight inside the book! Can I have a dad like him? 😢
  • Not a boring plot, like I said it is a major page turner, I seriously didn’t expect to finish it last night until I did. The plot twist between Lina’s parents made me even more engaged.
  • Showcased the places well, with a combination of Lina’s present experiences and during Hadley’s time. (I love stories with pasts 😉 re: Random Diary Notes)
  • Hadley and Howard’s love story made the book more meaningful and sentimental.
  • Lina and Ren’s funny banters and adventures. Loved that Jenna Evans Welch didn’t rush their love story, it would feel forced otherwise.
  • Elena is the best of all their friends, she’s just so welcoming and sweet. I wished she had more scenes.
  • Jenna imprinted this impression on my mind that Italy is the perfect place to fall in love. She made it so magical.
  • The foods!! Omygosh the foods.
  • And gelato, need I say more?


  • Thomas’ character was promising at first but I think failed to maintain his hotness and superstar vibes in the latter part.


  • And why did he have to call me “quiet”? I hated being called quiet. People always said it like it was some kind of deficiency—like just because I didn’t put everything out there right away that I was unfriendly or arrogant. My mom had understood. “You may be slow to warm up, but once you do you light up the whole room.“”
  • What I really want is someone who will wake me up early so I don’t miss a sunrise.
  • So… Italian gelato. Take the deliciousness of a regular ice-cream cone, times it by a million, then sprinkle it with crushed-up unicorn horns.

I’m giving this book 10 🌟 out of 5, I am so in love with this one ☺️

This book’s gonna make you want to book a ticket right now to Italy to experience love….. & gelato 💛🍦



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