So we were at the airport this Saturday standing and waiting for grandmama to come out, her flight has just landed minutes ago, when these flight attendants paraded in front of us. 

The first thing I looked at was the difference of their height from me then admired their beauty and was charmed by their poise. The feeling when I first saw flight attendants when I was a kid flooded back to me. That being said, the bitterness of being rejected also came back. I flinched, every FAs walking out is like a punch in the gut. 

I’ve mentioned here before that I’ve been discouraged because of my height.

My mom, reading my thoughts, suddenly just blurted out: “maliit lang din naman sila nak“, “kasing tangkad mo lang yung isa o!“, “hindi naman kagandahan yung isa” and so on. She’s not being discriminating or whatsoever, she was just saying that for the benefit of me, to uplift my soul, to point out that nothing’s impossible.

It’s how you present yourself, wala yan sa height o ganda. Dagdagan pa natin ang novena. Kaya mo yan anak, tignan mo sila o” -Mom.

In the car ride home, grandmama’s telling me that she was looking at the FAs in her flight, said they’re not that tall at all, and I can do it.

I am writing these because I don’t want to forget their enthusiasm. I don’t want to forget how much they believe in me. 

More prayers pa, with thanksgiving.

I appreciate their support so much, how they’re not giving up on me when I already did. My heart is so touched, and they’re just proving that I’m very blessed to have them. 



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