Hi there! So I got bored this afternoon and decided to read notes I wrote in my phone. (My notes are really a bunch of this and that) And look some of the funny and random things I found:

#KuripotDiaries hahaha!

Getting serious there, self! ๐Ÿ™ˆ

Since from what I can remember, I’ve always had a thing with pasts. I think this started when I was watching this 90s educational kid shows “Hiraya Manawari“, about kids who are time traveling to the past, to meet national heroes and see before their eyes their heroic lives, and “Bayani“. These shows became my favorite and been wishful thinking to experience that cool thing.

This thing-with-pasts continued when we moved from Manila. I am always missing my old life because I am not happy with my current state then, I also started thinking of a parallel universe, like what would happen if this happened, if this didn’t and so on. I even wanted to invent a time traveling machine!
And then as I grow up, movies associated with a history or whatsoever interested me. History became my favorite subject in school. I aced in it up until recently in college. I was the top student in our “Rizal” subject. It came out naturally, like I personally know Rizal, so it was very easy for me to stay focused during discussions and study at home for exams. I am so effin interested.

That being said, you may know now that I am very nostalgic, hence the note above and the title of this post. I think there wouldn’t be a week where I wouldn’t reminisce. The feelings are what I always miss, and kind of long for. I am happy now, but there are just some feelings that cannot be felt twice and all you can do is to remember and to ย miss it.



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